What makes programmers inherently bad at UI/UX

11th November 2016
Posted by: James Piskorz
programmer and customer looking at documents togther

The Consumer Programmer Divide One of the key differences between consumers and programmers, is that consumers assume that they can easily be taught how to operate software products using familiar actions, while programmers are more than happy to learn new languages and new ways of communicating with software. It is critical that programmers appreciate this...

How to choose a technology platform

4th July 2016
Posted by: James Piskorz

In wine there is truth. One of the most impactful decisions in a project is deciding what to use for the underlying technology. At Terem we like to believe that choosing a technology platform is like choosing a wine paring. Delicious. I am no expert on wine. Perhaps it’s best to address that at the outset. But...

Talking enterprise innovation with Show Innovation

4th May 2016

You can learn about how Terem thinks about innovation by watching a recent interview with our CEO Scott Middleton on Show Innovation. Some of the topics covered are: The need for cultural change and competitiveness The need to Get Things Done Our recent study of innovation in the ASX100 and how it effects company performance You can...

ASX100 study: how the sharemarket lost faith in innovation

13th April 2016
Posted by: Baris Tuncay
Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 11.03.32 AM

A new study commissioned by Terem Technologies has analysed Australia’s top 100 companies to establish whether claims of innovation boost a company’s bottom line. The study’s key findings point to a deep market scepticism around innovation activities which are not backed by tangible results. The study’s snapshot of the ASX100’s innovation profile showed the following:...

Big data needs small data

12th April 2016
Word Cloud "Big Data"

Statistics, numbers, big data and artificial intelligence are taken far too often, consciously or unconsciously, as the best and only answer. Now that we have such powerful information at our finger tips we need to remind ourselves to get back to thinking small – focusing on the tiny clues our customers, suppliers and the market...

Should Australian innovators be connecting to global markets sooner?

11th April 2016
Posted by: Baris Tuncay
World network

As a member of a trade delegation led by Assistant Minister for Innovation Wyatt Roy in Israel, I’m seeing some interesting contrasts between the way that innovation and tech entrepreneurship plays out in Israel compared with Australia. This article originally appeared on Technology Spectator. Israel is lauded for being the second biggest technology startup ecosystem after Silicon...

Why industry needs to team up with researchers

11th April 2016
Posted by: Baris Tuncay

This article originally appeared on First 5000. Australia’s low levels of collaboration between industry and researchers have been much discussed. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s ‘Innovation Statement’ will hopefully set initiatives in motion to improve this number but as businesses, we can’t and don’tneed to wait for the Government to hold our hands. Examples are a great way to...

Lean thinking – you’re doing it wrong

1st April 2016

This article first appeared on StartupSmart. Businesses with digital projects have accepted that lean thinking and agile methodologies provide the best approach for their projects and ventures. Start-ups use them as a matter of necessity. Commonwealth Bank, Suncorp, Telstra, Fairfax and even the Australian government have realised the value in this new method. Lean thinking...

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