New products need hacks to succeed

8th February 2019
Uncle Sam wants you to hack your company

If you’re genuinely doing something new and, dare I say it, innovative in a large company then you’re going to need to hack some of your organisation’s existing systems for technical or political reasons (or both). It’s one of the dirty little secrets that no one talks about as an essential ingredient for successful innovation....

Benefits of a hypothesis-driven approach to new product development in large organisations

24th January 2019

New product development is inherently risky and often ends in failure but if you take a hypothesis-driven approach to developing new products in large organisations then you can flip these challenges into better outcomes. The reason is, a hypothesis-driven approach forces you to define measurable outcomes, helps you quantify risks and helps you capture lessons...

12 Behavioural Data Types for Product Management

16th January 2019
behavioural_data: app analytics

Behavioural data, data that describes the observed actions of users or customers, gives you real insights into how people are or will potentially use your product. It is one thing to hear what people say they want, but to see how they actually behave is even better. It’s also easier to get behavioural data than...

Predictions for 2019 are just more of the same, could be a good thing

9th January 2019
In: News

Predictions for 2019 are overwhelmingly unexciting but this could be a good thing. No-one is hyping some new technology that will change everything forever (“Mobile + Social!!!”, “AI will replace all humans”, “BITCOIN!?!!1!!”) Companies have forgotten innovation, become bored by innovation or just didn’t create the next uber fast enough so gave up. Or, maybe...

D&D @ the office: how role-playing games can help building excellent teamwork

10th December 2018

Have you ever heard of role-playing games or RPGs? In the most common RPGs, players embody characters they create themselves, with the aim of embarking on a storytelling adventure narrated by a Game Master that puts players in front of arduous challenges, immense treasures and bloody fights against terrible creatures. Everything is surrounded by dice...

Terem Technologies makes the AFR Fast 100 List 2nd Year Running

1st November 2018

For the second year in a row, Terem Technologies has placed in the top 50 of the AFR Fast 100 for 2018. To qualify for the list an externally verified measure of growth is required and I am proud to announce that Terem has continued on our growth trajectory. But this success is not just...

Minister awards top prize in Cybercrime Codeathon

28th March 2018

A team from Terem took out the top prize in the Australian Government’s inaugural ASEAN-Australia AUSTRAC Codeathon. Terem created a tool to follow potentially related transactions as people travel around, helping to identify possible money laundering and other financial crimes. The Codeathon was a 32-hour event that bought together more than 100 technology specialists and...

How to win a hackathon

4th December 2017
Posted by: James Piskorz

Building a company culture that wins hackathons A few months ago, Terem Technologies won a national prize at Govhack 2017. With over 2,300 participants and 379 projects, Govhack is Australia’s largest hackathon event. Govhack is divided up into a few domain specific challenges. The Terem team took first place in the IP Australia challenge, “What happened to...

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