Epic List of Every Product Prioritization Framework

20th March 2019

Product prioritization is always top of mind – is the team doing the best thing right now? Am I working on the best thing right now? What’s fascinating is that there are so many different ways to prioritise product roadmaps and features. Sometimes different situations call for different approaches, other times different people prefer different...

Google’s 3 Principles of a Product, Extended

14th March 2019
Principles of Product

Product. As part of the tech community then you’ve probably already said the word “product” today. You’re co-workers have likely said it a few times over the week. Your job may even have product your job title. But, how often do you step back to consider what it actually means? What does it mean when...

Quick Guide: 5 Steps to Prioritising New Product Features

7th March 2019

When you’re trying to prioritise a new product or feature it is easy to get lost in the mountain of information, models, frameworks and theories an available. I got lost just trying to write this article. You want to apply the appropriate amount of professional rigour and discipline but you’re also conscious that you want...

How to validate new products and new features with Landing Page Experiments

21st February 2019

Landing page experiments can rapidly provide you and your team with real data about your new product ideas – whether it is an entirely new product or a new product feature. Landing page experiments let you show your product feature to people that might use it before it is ready and see how they respond....

Dispelling 3 myths stopping B2B Product Managers using B2C product research tactics

21st February 2019

Product Managers of Business-to-Business (B2B) products keep telling me that “the tactics consumer product companies use just aren’t relevant for us in customer development”. This can’t be further from the truth. The techniques and tactics used by B2C companies to rapidly gain data to do customer development on new products and features are relevant right...

New products need hacks to succeed

8th February 2019
Uncle Sam wants you to hack your company

If you’re genuinely doing something new and, dare I say it, innovative in a large company then you’re going to need to hack some of your organisation’s existing systems for technical or political reasons (or both). It’s one of the dirty little secrets that no one talks about as an essential ingredient for successful innovation....

Benefits of a hypothesis-driven approach to new product development in large organisations

24th January 2019

New product development is inherently risky and often ends in failure but if you take a hypothesis-driven approach to developing new products in large organisations then you can flip these challenges into better outcomes. The reason is, a hypothesis-driven approach forces you to define measurable outcomes, helps you quantify risks and helps you capture lessons...

12 Behavioural Data Types for Product Management

16th January 2019
behavioural_data: app analytics

Behavioural data, data that describes the observed actions of users or customers, gives you real insights into how people are or will potentially use your product. It is one thing to hear what people say they want, but to see how they actually behave is even better. It’s also easier to get behavioural data than...

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