Webinar On Demand: Artificial Intelligence in your Product

26 Nov 2019 by Lily Kingston

The possible applications of artificial intelligence in products is growing at an extreme rate. Scott and Natalie discuss:

  • How AI can be used in different areas of product
  • Best practice in AI implementation
  • The technical limitations of using AI
  • How to future proof your AI build
  • Interesting AI use cases

Guest speaker: Natalie Nguyen, CEO and Founder, Hyper Anna

Host: Scott Middleton, CEO of Terem Technologies

Natalie Nguyen is the Founder/CEO of Hyper Anna, an AI powered data analyst that allows anyone at anytime to gain business insights at speed. Natalie has been selected as one of Forbes Asia 2019 ’30 Under 30′ Entrepreneurs.

Scott is the CEO and founder of Terem, Australia’s leading tech product development firm. Terem has featured on the Financial Review’s Fast 100 for two years running. Scott has been involved in the launch and growth of 61+ products.

Website: hyperanna.com

Twitter: @scottmiddleton

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