The Complete List of Public ASX100 APIs

We’ve conducted some initial research into the public APIs of the ASX100 because we regularly have conversations about what others...

22 Sep 2020 by Scott Middleton
The complete list of public ASX100 APIs

Best 4 Classic Software Development Books

Much of modern problems in software development have actually been solved and we keep forgetting this to our peril. Every...

14 Sep 2020 by Scott Middleton
Best 4 Classic Software Team Management Books

How Many Customers Will This Feature Impact?

We’ve all had arguments about whether customers are going to want this feature or that. Maybe it’s about how the...

8 Sep 2020 by Scott Middleton
Don’t Pursue Low Impact Product Features

Release Now or Later? How to Assess Risk

Many organisations worry about the risk of releasing more than the risks of not releasing. People focus on what will...

31 Jul 2020 by Scott Middleton
Release Now or Later? How to Assess Risk

Is a Product-led Approach for You?

Some of us in product take it for granted that a product-led approach is the way to operate. However, all...

30 Jun 2020 by Scott Middleton

API Strategy: When to Build and Where to Start

I’ve had an unusually high number of conversations about API strategy over recent weeks. Many of them get technical fast,...

17 Jun 2020 by Scott Middleton

6 Steps to Validate JTBD with Surveys

You want to get quantitative validation of the problem your new product idea is solving as soon as possible. This...

3 Jun 2020 by Scott Middleton

How to Run Early Customer Interviews

As soon as you have a new product idea that you think is worth pursuing you need to workout whether...

18 May 2020 by Scott Middleton
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