New products need hacks to succeed

8th February 2019
Uncle Sam wants you to hack your company

If you’re genuinely doing something new and, dare I say it, innovative in a large company then you’re going to need to hack some of your organisation’s existing systems for technical or political reasons (or both). It’s one of the dirty little secrets that no one talks about as an essential ingredient for successful innovation....

Benefits of a hypothesis-driven approach to new product development in large organisations

24th January 2019

New product development is inherently risky and often ends in failure but if you take a hypothesis-driven approach to developing new products in large organisations then you can flip these challenges into better outcomes. The reason is, a hypothesis-driven approach forces you to define measurable outcomes, helps you quantify risks and helps you capture lessons...

How to win a hackathon

4th December 2017
Posted by: James Piskorz

Building a company culture that wins hackathons A few months ago, Terem Technologies won a national prize at Govhack 2017. With over 2,300 participants and 379 projects, Govhack is Australia’s largest hackathon event. Govhack is divided up into a few domain specific challenges. The Terem team took first place in the IP Australia challenge, “What happened to...

Have We Reached Peak Innovation?

19th April 2017

As noted historian Yuval Harari argues in his bestselling book, Sapiens, innovation has been one of the driving forces in human evolution for millennia. Consider fire, for example. Early humans were what Yuval terms an “animal of no significance” until they started using fire for warmth, protection and cooking. Later, when humans started settling in...

Talking enterprise innovation with Show Innovation

4th May 2016

You can learn about how Terem thinks about innovation by watching a recent interview with our CEO Scott Middleton on Show Innovation. Some of the topics covered are: The need for cultural change and competitiveness The need to Get Things Done Our recent study of innovation in the ASX100 and how it effects company performance You can...

ASX100 study: how the sharemarket lost faith in innovation

13th April 2016
Posted by: Baris Tuncay

A new study commissioned by Terem Technologies has analysed Australia’s top 100 companies to establish whether claims of innovation boost a company’s bottom line. The study’s key findings point to a deep market scepticism around innovation activities which are not backed by tangible results. The study’s snapshot of the ASX100’s innovation profile showed the following:...

Big data needs small data

12th April 2016

Statistics, numbers, big data and artificial intelligence are taken far too often, consciously or unconsciously, as the best and only answer. Now that we have such powerful information at our finger tips we need to remind ourselves to get back to thinking small – focusing on the tiny clues our customers, suppliers and the market...

Embracing productive failure

1st April 2016

Companies need to embrace productive failure or die, Silicon Valley entrepreneur and author Eric Ries explains in an interview with McKinsey and Company. He says creating a safe environment where failure is acceptable helps foster innovation within an organisation. It also minimises the risk of losing market control to disruptive entrepreneurs. Individual “disruptive” entrepreneurs with...

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