Minister awards top prize in Cybercrime Codeathon

A team from Terem took out the top prize in the Australian Government’s inaugural ASEAN-Australia AUSTRAC Codeathon. Terem created a tool to follow potentially related transactions as people travel around, helping to identify possible money laundering and other financial crimes. The Codeathon was a 32-hour event that bought together more than 100 technology specialists and...

How to win a hackathon

4th December 2017
Posted by: James Piskorz

Building a company culture that wins hackathons A few months ago, Terem Technologies won a national prize at Govhack 2017. With over 2,300 participants and 379 projects, Govhack is Australia’s largest hackathon event. Govhack is divided up into a few domain specific challenges. The Terem team took first place in the IP Australia challenge, “What happened to...

Night Noodle Markets Top Chopsticks Competition

Summary Good Food Month wanted to engage customers through a fun, interactive competition  that also created a friendly rivalry for vendors The key considerations were around design, customer engagement, social sharing and onsite activation with multiple brands and stakeholders invested in the outcome Terem designed and developed an engaging competition platform for mobile and web...

What makes programmers inherently bad at UI/UX

programmer and customer looking at documents togther

The Consumer Programmer Divide One of the key differences between consumers and programmers, is that consumers assume that they can easily be taught how to operate software products using familiar actions, while programmers are more than happy to learn new languages and new ways of communicating with software. It is critical that programmers appreciate this...

How to choose a technology platform

4th July 2016
Posted by: James Piskorz

In wine there is truth. One of the most impactful decisions in a project is deciding what to use for the underlying technology. At Terem we like to believe that choosing a technology platform is like choosing a wine paring. Delicious. I am no expert on wine. Perhaps it’s best to address that at the outset. But...

Lean thinking – you’re doing it wrong

1st April 2016

This article first appeared on StartupSmart. Businesses with digital projects have accepted that lean thinking and agile methodologies provide the best approach for their projects and ventures. Start-ups use them as a matter of necessity. Commonwealth Bank, Suncorp, Telstra, Fairfax and even the Australian government have realised the value in this new method. Lean thinking...

UX and UI – they’re different

31st August 2014

User Experience (UX) design and User Interface (UI) design are often confused but it is necessary to get both right to ensure your product has the “wow” factor and delivers results for users. UX is primarily about understanding and designing a user’s experience of a product or service so that the user can find solutions...

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