Night Noodle Markets Top Chopsticks Competition

6 Jul 2017 by Scott Middleton


  • Good Food Month wanted to engage customers through a fun, interactive competition  that also created a friendly rivalry for vendors
  • The key considerations were around design, customer engagement, social sharing and onsite activation with multiple brands and stakeholders invested in the outcome
  • Terem designed and developed an engaging competition platform for mobile and web along with an interactive onsite display
  • Good Food Month and Fairfax received close to 20,000 entries engaging their customers and providing an opportunity future conversation

The Engagement

Fairfax and Good Food Month, along with their partner Citi Bank run the iconic Night Noodle 

Markets. As part of building the customer experience, Terem was approached to develop an interactive competition that would engage patrons and bring a sense of competition to the event. Given the number of corporate sponsors and high visibility of the project branding and design were critical considerations.

Over a number of fast design cycles, Terem worked closely with Fairfax to refine the project scope, test the UX and complete visual designs. During these cycles we added an additional onsite element, a large interactive leaderboard, to increase visibility and connect the physical and digital experience. Terem was able to deliver on the extend scope within the tight timeframes required.

As a result of this engagement, Terem enabled the Night Noodle Markets to connect with their customers in a new way, driving both positive brand association and a high volume of social sharing.

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