Terem places #34 in AFR Fast 100 2017

10th November 2017

  Terem has just been announced as one of Australia’s fastest growing companies, placing 34th on the Australian Financial Review’s Fast 100 list. To make the AFR’s Fast 100 list a company needs to demonstrate outstanding, externally verified growth over 4 years. On behalf of everyone at Terem, I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every client, partner, employee...

AI taking your jobs is good news: Terem Technologies’ Scott Middleton

22nd September 2017
In: News

Artificial intelligence taking your job is good news and will enable people to do creative work, focus on relationships and have a more enjoyable time at work, says chief executive of software developer Terem Technologies Scott Middleton. Mr Middleton said artificial intelligence or “AI” was an inevitable next step in the broader industrial revolution. He...

Night Noodle Markets Top Chopsticks Competition

Summary Good Food Month wanted to engage customers through a fun, interactive competition  that also created a friendly rivalry for vendors The key considerations were around design, customer engagement, social sharing and onsite activation with multiple brands and stakeholders invested in the outcome Terem designed and developed an engaging competition platform for mobile and web...

How we built the Universe’s most Amaazing AI

20th June 2017
Posted by: Baris Tuncay

  When AWS first approached us about sponsoring the AWS Sydney Summit 2017 we, of course, jumped at the opportunity. We decided we wanted to showcase something unique that grabbed people’s attention and highlighted the value of the AWS platform. The outcome? A Rube Goldberg machine, take something simple and make it as unnecessarily complex...

Have We Reached Peak Innovation?

19th April 2017

As noted historian Yuval Harari argues in his bestselling book, Sapiens, innovation has been one of the driving forces in human evolution for millennia. Consider fire, for example. Early humans were what Yuval terms an “animal of no significance” until they started using fire for warmth, protection and cooking. Later, when humans started settling in...

What makes programmers inherently bad at UI/UX

11th November 2016
Posted by: James Piskorz
programmer and customer looking at documents togther

The Consumer Programmer Divide One of the key differences between consumers and programmers, is that consumers assume that they can easily be taught how to operate software products using familiar actions, while programmers are more than happy to learn new languages and new ways of communicating with software. It is critical that programmers appreciate this...

Service NSW Payment Solutions Platform

6th September 2016
Posted by: Baris Tuncay

A SOLUTION THAT PROVIDES AN AGENCY-WIDE, MODERN, STANDARDISED TRANSACTION PROCESS. Snapshot The NSW Minister for Finance, Services, and Property tasked Service NSW with building a single whole-of-government payments engine. With $500+ million in expected annual transactions across multiple state agencies, security, scalability and maintainability were key considerations. The Engagement The Payment Solutions Platform (PSP) was...

How to choose a technology platform

4th July 2016
Posted by: James Piskorz

In wine there is truth. One of the most impactful decisions in a project is deciding what to use for the underlying technology. At Terem we like to believe that choosing a technology platform is like choosing a wine paring. Delicious. I am no expert on wine. Perhaps it’s best to address that at the outset. But...

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