Webinar On Demand: How Not to Fail With AI in Product

22 Jun 2020 by Lily Kingston

“Software is eating the world, but AI is going to eat software.” Jensen Huang, Nvidia CEO

Technological innovation is accelerating exponentially and AI has transformed into a key technology that no product will be able to ignore. Thousands of product leaders are rushing to harness the power of AI, and many will fail.

In this talk, Phil will share his insights on how not to fail with AI from over a decade in product as Chief Product Officer at Practera, an AI-enabled education technology company. Phil will provide three simple, practical tips to product leaders who want to successfully leverage new AI technologies to create products that have a big impact:

  • How to quickly explore and follow any emerging technologies using Gartner’s Hype Cycle.
  • The fundamental implications of new technologies on product innovation. 
  • How product leaders can decrease the risk of delivering a product that has the latest AI bells and whistles, but that nobody wants to buy.

Presenter: Phil Laufenberg, Chief Product Officer, Practera

Host: Scott Middleton, CEO of Terem Technologies

Phil has over 10 years experience in education tech and startups. Currently he is Chief Product Officer at Practera, an AI-enabled education technology company and a Product Management Trainer at Brainmates.

Phil is responsible for award winning ed tech products for world-leading education institutions, governments and fortune 500 companies including the University of Sydney, University of Technology Sydney, UNSW,  Deloitte, Westpac and various state governments.

Scott is the CEO and founder of Terem, Australia’s leading tech product development firm. Terem has featured on the Financial Review’s Fast 100 for two years running. Scott has been involved in the launch and growth of 61+ products.

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