The 7 Categories of Product Management Tools

Tooling for your product team is a necessity. It often gets overlooked or tools are quickly chosen because we are...

16 Apr 2019 by Scott Middleton

Quick Guide: 5 Steps to Prioritising New Product Features

When you’re trying to prioritise a new product or feature it is easy to get lost in the mountain of...

7 Mar 2019 by Scott Middleton

New products need hacks to succeed

If you’re genuinely doing something new and, dare I say it, innovative in a large company then you’re going to...

8 Feb 2019 by Scott Middleton
Uncle Sam wants you to hack your company

Benefits of a hypothesis-driven approach to new product development in large organisations

New product development is inherently risky and often ends in failure but if you take a hypothesis-driven approach to developing...

24 Jan 2019 by Scott Middleton