AI in Product Management Tools Plus Other Trends

As product people we’re often hyper focused on the trends and technology that will impact our customers lives but in...

18 Apr 2019 by Scott Middleton

The 7 Categories of Product Management Tools

Tooling for your product team is a necessity. It often gets overlooked or tools are quickly chosen because we are...

16 Apr 2019 by Scott Middleton

How Berkshire Hathaway Can Help Expectations About Your New Product Release.

Warren Buffett’s less well-known business partner, Charlie Munger, has volumes of wisdom and quotes to learn from but there is...

12 Apr 2019 by Scott Middleton

Epic List of Every Product Prioritization Framework

Product prioritization is always top of mind – is the team doing the best thing right now? Am I working...

20 Mar 2019 by Scott Middleton
Product Prioritization Framework List

Google’s 3 Principles of a Product, Extended

Product. As part of the tech community then you’ve probably already said the word “product” today. You’re co-workers have likely...

14 Mar 2019 by Scott Middleton
Principles of Product

Quick Guide: 5 Steps to Prioritising New Product Features

When you’re trying to prioritise a new product or feature it is easy to get lost in the mountain of...

7 Mar 2019 by Scott Middleton

How to validate new products and new features with Landing Page Experiments

Landing page experiments can rapidly provide you and your team with real data about your new product ideas – whether...

21 Feb 2019 by Scott Middleton

Dispelling 3 myths stopping B2B Product Managers using B2C product research tactics

Product Managers of Business-to-Business (B2B) products keep telling me that “the tactics consumer product companies use just aren’t relevant for...

21 Feb 2019 by Scott Middleton
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